Azure Data Factory Workshop for Beginners: Real World Project Implementation

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  • Duration 06h 27m
  • Last Update November 18, 2021

About Course

Students will receive hands-on training sessions and learn the concepts of Azure Data Factory by implementing a Real-World Project.


Course Highlights

  1. Students will learn how to use Data Factory from scratch to set up automated data pipelines to and from on-premises & cloud sources.
  2. The course contains a hands-on project-based workshop where students will learn the concepts of azure data factory by implementing a project covering real-world scenarios.
  3. At the end of the course, students will understand how to get started and build medium complex data-driven pipelines in a data factory independently and confidently.


Who Can Enroll In This Workshop?

  1. Professionals such as Data Engineers, BI Developers, ETL Developers, Data & Analytics Professionals can enroll in this workshop.
  2. This workshop is ideal for beginners with basic understanding or the students who have no knowledge about Azure or Azure Data Factory
  3. This workshop works best for freshers and professionals who want to jump-start their career in Azure


What to expect from this workshop? 

  1. Students will get 6+ hours of training through the workshop.
  2. The workshop provides Project-Based Learning.
  3. Students by enrolling in this workshop will learn to implement a project from scratch using Azure Data Factory
  4. Students get hands-on real-world use cases.
  5. Crash Course on Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage
  6. Students through the workshop easily understand the concepts like data warehouse & data modeling.
  7. Instructor support is available for the students regarding any queries and concerns. 
  8. Students can reach out to instructors during the workshop. Just drop a message in the Q/A section.



This Course Is Designed For? 

  • IT professionals such as BI/Data Manager, Data Engineers, BI developer, Data Architect, and ETL developer.


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Topics for this course

19 Lessons06h 27m



Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

Resources to be Downloaded

Azure SQL Database

Azure Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Azure SQL Virtual Machine

Azure Data Factory and Project Implementation

Azure Data Factory

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