Azure Data Engineer Certification: [8 COURSE BUNDLE] DP 203, DP 200

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About Course

Azure Data Engineer is the most lucrative career profile one can aim for. The students that are well-equipped with the skill sets required for becoming Azure Data Engineers are always in demand for IT companies across the globe. Azure Data Engineers are one of the highest-paid employees in software firms. The market trend states they easily get 6 figured salary in USD. However, it is overwhelming for beginners to start their journey as Azure Data Engineer. Jump-start your career by getting certified i.e. Microsoft certified Azure Data Engineer. To successfully complete the certification students need to pass DP-200 & DP-201 or DP-203 exam. And the best way to ace these exams is to get enrolled in this course. This course covers the syllabus necessary to clear the certification exams. All the concepts throughout the course are explained in detail by using conducting lab sessions.


Course Highlights

1. This popular course will provide all the content you require to clear both DP 200 & DP 201 & DP 203 exams and become a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate. Also, please note that DP 200 & DP 201 exams will not be required by end of June. The DP 203 will replace them.

2. This is an 8-course bundle & given below are the different Azure Data Services you provided through the course:
Data Factory
SQL Database
Data Lake Gen 2
Stream Analytics
Data Factory – Real World Scenarios
Synapse Analytics

3. All the topics are covered in the course using practical & simple examples which makes it easy to understand.


Who is this workshop for?

1. Anybody who wants to start their journey to become an Azure Data Engineer.
2. This workshop is ideal for beginners/intermediate students who have little or no knowledge of Azure.
3. Freshers/Professionals who want to make a career in Azure.


Need help to understand?

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What Will I Learn?

  • 20+ hours of practical lab sessions.
  • Students get hands-on real-world use cases
  • 100% syllabus covered required for the certification exam DP 200 & DP 201 & DP 203.
  • Instructor support is available for the students regarding any queries and concerns.
  • Students can reach out to instructors during the workshop. Just drop a message in the Q/A section.
  • This single course covers all Azure Data Services in detail by conducting practical lab sessions.
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate.

Topics for this course

92 Lessons20h 12m

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Why Cloud Computing?7:47
What is Cloud Computing?10:42
What is Azure?5:54

Azure SQL Database

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Azure Data Factory V2

Azure Data Factory Real World Scenarios

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Databricks


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