"The journey so far"

1984 Born
Embracing the power of my birthplace
Azure certification

Born and brought up in the beautiful Indian city Pune, I consider it the best part of my life.  

2008 Pune University
Oxford of the East
Azure Data Factory

I consider it the best part of my career to have completed my education from University of Pune. I achieved my bachelor's and master’s degree in computer science from the University of Pune.  

2011 Lead data consultant
Magnifying Professional Experience
Microsoft Certified Trainer

I have four years of deep expertise and have worked in U.S and Australia. Over the years my professional experience helped me to build enterprise-scale end-to-end data architectures. 

2016 Azure data coach
My profession is my passion
Azure Data Engineer Certification

An entrepreneur at heart, I am passionate about coaching & mentoring aspiring professionals. Through this e-learning platform we are providing Azure Certification which will give them a quick jumpstart to their journey of becoming an Azure Data Engineer and Power BI professional. 

I have been working relentlessly since 2016 as a Corporate Trainer & Azure Data Coach on the well-known online educational platforms Coursera and Udemy. 

"We are a 27000+ strong family and still growing..."
Azure Certification

To date 27,000+ students have enrolled in my online courses through various online platforms.