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Azure Data Factory Workshop for Beginners: Real-World Project Implementation

A hands-on workshop where students will learn the concepts of Azure Data Factory by implementing a Real-World Project.

Azure Data Engineer Certification: [8 COURSE BUNDLE] DP 203, DP 200

This popular course will provide all the content you require to clear  DP 200 & DP 201 & DP 203 exams to become  Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate.


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This course is so engaging that I was able to finish it at a weekend including the practical implementation. I have benefitted a lot by learning the Azure Data Engineer stack from this course.
Javed - Senior Software Engineer
Best course created by Amit for beginners who want to get hands-on practical experience of Azure Data Factory.
Anand - Lead Data Engineer
Great Explanation. Simple easy to understand practical examples. Minimal theory. Ideal for beginners. Highly recommend it !!
Nitin - Data Architect
From zero to Azure certified data engineer !! Thanks to the wonderful course created by Amit !!..
Sushil - Technical Lead